How Well Does Your Instrument Case Protect Your Brass?

When it comes to hard-shell cases versus gig bags, there’s no debate over which type of case offers better protection for your brass instrument. But before you can determine which instrument case is right for you, there are a few factors to consider. You’ll need to take different scenarios into consideration depending on where you are in your musical journey.


Beginner vs. Pro

Are you getting ready to begin your first year in your school’s marching band? If so, you’ll likely need a case that offers protection against the elements, since you’ll probably be doing a lot of performances outdoors in parades and during football games. You’ll also probably be looking for a case that can withstand the jostling and bouncing around that will happen on the bus to and from events. According to Allcases, a hard-shell case might be right for you if any of these scenarios sound familiar.

Conversely, if you’re an experienced performer who gets paid for their time and experience, you might need a case that has room for multiple accessories. You might need one that can travel well in your car, on a plane, or even be strapped to your back like a backpack if you ride the bus or subway. A gig bag meets all of these requirements, but you’ll still need to be very careful to avoid situations where your instrument could be damaged since it offers very little in the way of protection for your instrument. If you’ve shelled out thousands of dollars for a shiny new trumpet, you’ll want to carefully consider whether you’re okay with the higher risk of damage that comes along with carrying a gig bag.


Which to Choose

Ultimately, the choice between a hard-shell case and a gig bag is going to depend on the individual and their needs and wants. Are you in need of a durable case that will last through years of not-so-gentle handling? A hard-shell case is probably right for you. Do you like to stand out and customize the outside of your case? A case with a hard shell can come in a variety of colors and textures. Is mobility a factor? Do you need to bring your brass instrument with you in tight, confined quarters, such as on public transportation? A gig bag might make more sense for you.


For musicians or aspiring musicians, your instrument is part of the family. You can’t afford to be taking chances with its safety or integrity. Invest in only the best so that you can transport your instrument with peace of mind. For most of us in most situations, that means a hard-shell, crush-proof case. Keep your music safe so you can share it with the world.



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